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CESAR RIVERA - A Life in Sport

We may all know a few, or at least one, sports fanatic. However, not many can say they know that person who can quote with authority on not just one sporting event, but multiple sports, multiple disciplines, and not like a robot, but with genuine passion-- the bona fide sports fanatic.

Cesar Romero is that person. The 'living legend' in Caribbean golfing circles happily confesses to being into "almost every sport, every team, every player." And yes, it started at home, at an early age. "My father loved all sports and used to take us to the ball parks to see ball games. My father was a manager at a sugar mill and I grew up participating in many different sports."

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After The Hurricanes, Caribbean Travel Is Coming Back Faster Than You Think

Doug Gollan - Forbes.com

When agents from Ovation Vacations call clients to discuss their upcoming winter travel plans, many are surprised to hear their favorite Caribbean resorts and islands are already open, back in business or will open by the Festive Season, the period that starts on December 22nd and runs until the 3rd of January. “Tourism puts food on the table so it’s our responsibility to help get people coming back,” says Jack Ezon, president of Ovation Vacations.

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Champion golfer Phil Mickelson (43 PGA wins, including 3 Masters titles) says choosing the right club for the situation is the first step to success in any situation. Wrong club, and you’ll miss the mark, no matter how well you swing.

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