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Our Mission

The Caribbean Golf Association exists for the purpose of promoting and conserving throughout the Caribbean Region the best interests and the true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honourable tradition.


Welcome to New CGA President & Council

The Caribbean Golf Association (CGA) is pleased to announce the election of a new council which became effective on August 4, 2018.  The CGA Council, along with representatives from each member country, met for their Annual General Meeting while attending the 62nd Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships in the Cayman Islands.  One of the important items on the agenda was the bi-annual election for the new CGA Council.



Sidney Wolf, President of the CGA


The new CGA council is as follows: President - Sidney Wolf (Puerto Rico Golf Association), Vice President - Carlos Elmudesi (Fedo Golf - Dominican Republic), Vice President – Paul Woodhouse (Cayman Islands Golf Association), Treasurer – Mervyn Wattley (Trinidad & Tobago Golf Association), Secretary and Tournament Coordinator – Trenton Weekes (Barbados Golf Association), and immediate Past President – Asraph Ali (Trinidad & Tobago).


 Outgoing President, Asraph ‘Ash’ Ali, stated “On behalf of the CGA family, I wish to thank the following outgoing officials for their unconditional support to golf and to the CGA: Fraser Dodds (Turks & Caicos Islands) - Vice President, Wayne Chai Chong (Jamaica) – Treasurer, and Cesar Rivera (Puerto Rico) - Tournament Coordinator.”  Cesar Rivera, CGA Hall of Famer, has served Caribbean Golf for over 41 years and the CGA from its inception. 


Additionally, effective 2018, the Council decided to recognize the first and second place medal winners in the Hoerman Cup and George Teale Memorial Trophy.  The incoming and outgoing presidents agreed, and have approval from the CGA Council, to ensure that Cesar Rivera’s name continue in the Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships.  Therefore, as of now, the first place male and female medalists will receive the Cesar Rivera medal.


“I am pleased that one of my first actions as president is recognition of our very own Cesar Rivera,” states Sidney Wolf.  “In my new role, I look forward to developing golf in the region and ensuring that our CGA member countries have the support and guidance they may need for continued growth.”